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We’re thrilled to have played a part in electing Janet Protasiewicz to Wisconsin’s Supreme Court! Thanks to the support of passionate climate-concerned community members like you, we reached thousands of voters across the state. We engaged with youth groups in university communities, knocked on hundreds of doors, made thousands of phone calls, and built a network of more than 10,000 voters through relational organizing. We’re looking forward to seeing democracy, justice, and climate action advance in Wisconsin.

Now we’re looking ahead to 2024. With the Supreme Court poised to act on gerrymandering, we have the chance to transform Wisconsin’s political landscape for the better. Wisconsin will also be a key player in the 2024 Presidential elections, and we’ll have the perfect opportunity to push for the election of climate champions in every level of government — local, county, state, Congress, and the White House.

We’re excited to move climate justice in Wisconsin FORWARD! Please join us!