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The Inflation Reduction Act: What’s Next?

By John Greenler, Executive Director, and Gail Nordheim, Political Organizer

Last week, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law. This bill is a major step forward for climate action in the US, with unprecedented amounts of funding for renewable energy infrastructure and incentives. It is projected to reduce US carbon emissions by up to 40% by 2030. However, the IRA has significant shortcomings when viewed through a climate justice lens. There are many handouts to the fossil fuel industry that will perpetuate US dependence on fossil fuels and that will directly harm BIPOC and frontline communities. For example, the bill:

  • Requires that the Mountain Valley Pipeline in Virginia and West Virginia be completed,
  • Provides subsidies for unproven (and likely unproductive and costly) technologies like carbon capture and storage,
  • Requires the Department of Interior to continue offshore oil and gas leases if it holds wind energy lease sales.

350 Wisconsin Action is encouraged that the IRA passed, but we are committed to fighting its concessions to fossil fuel companies. We are also committed to electing champions to advance climate action at every level of government, and to holding elected officials accountable on issues of climate justice.

If there had been one more progressive senator in Washington, a strong climate bill could have passed without hidden “poison pill” concessions to the fossil fuel industry. Electing Mandela Barnes is essential for shifting the balance in the Senate so that strong climate action can go forward.

We also need to reelect Governor Tony Evers. Governor Evers has demonstrated that he’ll keep climate at the center of his agenda, and will stand up to fossil fuel interests in the Wisconsin Legislature.

350 Wisconsin Action will be going all-out to help elect Mandela Barnes and Tony Evers, and to make sure that climate is front and center as an election issue.

We need your help! It will take many volunteers to carry out our electoral work. And our ability to make a difference will depend on donations from supporters who recognize the importance of elections for our climate future.

We hope you’ll get involved!

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